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Psychotherapy and Counselling
in Ottawa 

Therapy that prioritizes deep insight and lasting personal growth

who we are

Driven by a holistic therapeutic vision, Lacasse Counselling is a dedicated team of like-minded psychotherapists who pursue a shared mission. Our goal is to address underlying issues and achieve lasting resolution, not just superficial healing. Lacasse Counselling prioritizes long-term well-being for individuals and couples. Bound by a shared passion for psychotherapy, our team is dedicated to continuous learning and providing the highest level of care. Our practice provides services to Ottawa and the surrounding areas from our office conveniently located on Main Street.

what we do

Our therapeutic approach is firmly grounded in the psychoanalytic psychodynamic tradition, enabling us to explore the underlying factors of your mental and emotional well-being. We take a comprehensive approach that addresses the cognitive, emotional, and behavioural aspects of each individual, ensuring that therapy engages with the person as a whole.

Our techniques aim to bring about fundamental structural changes in how individuals function, thereby paving the way for lasting and positive change from within

our approach to therapy

We believe that every individual and relationship is unique and deserves personalized care tailored to their specific needs and goals. Our holistic approach to therapy combines evidence-based techniques with the art of human connection, empowering you to overcome current obstacles and unlock your full potential. We welcome individuals and couples from all walks of life; we embrace diversity and promote inclusivity.  

  • Our services are available in both French and English, ensuring you can communicate in the language that makes you most comfortable.

  • We offer the flexibility of providing our services either virtually or in person at one of our offices; accommodating your preferences and ensuring accessibility.

our story

Our founder, Sabrina Lacasse, brings nearly a decade of experience from various clinical settings. Throughout her career, she observed the profound uniqueness of each individual's mental health journey. She witnessed what is often referred to as the "revolving door" phenomenon: individuals embarking on a path to healing, making progress, only to be drawn back into familiar struggles. This wasn't merely a reflection of personal challenges but rather indicated broader systemic shortcomings in therapeutic care.

Inspired by these observations and guided by the theoretical framework of Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy, Sabrina felt a calling towards a more holistic approach to helping individuals and couples. She envisioned a space that went beyond symptom management and aimed to comprehend and address their underlying roots.


With that vision in mind, Lacasse Counselling came into existence – not as a critique of the system, but as a humble endeavour to offer something distinct: a more tailored and profound healing process. Here, our goal is to aid those caught in cycles, granting them an opportunity for sustained well-being.


core areas of practice

Our approach rests on three key pillars:

relationship + communication 

intimacy + sexuality

addiction + psychological health

These pillars encompass life's challenges and successes. Relationships shape interactions, intimacy strengthens connections, and coping mechanisms impact emotional growth. Prioritizing these areas helps us tackle common issues, guiding individuals and couples to more meaningful, resilient lives.

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your path to 


step 1

initial contact: Begin by reaching out to us. We’ll promptly engage to discern your needs, ensuring that we connect you with a therapist whose expertise aligns with your journey.

step 2

complementary consult: A free 20-minute consultative session. This provides an opportunity to familiarize yourself with your therapist, fostering mutual understanding and trust.

step 3

embark on your therapeutic journey: Secure your initial session with your therapist. This marks the beginning of your dedicated path towards well-being and self-discovery. 

get in touch

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223 Main St. 

Ottawa, Ontario

K1S 1C4


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