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Daisy Pyman, M.Ed, RP

Registered Psychotherapist 

My theory of change emphasizes moving away from relying on short-term coping strategies or temporary fixes and, instead, embracing a journey of lasting personal development and transformative growth.  It's about shifting from a stance of self-protection or inauthentic living towards a path where you can authentically embrace growth and personal development. 


Whether you are navigating mental health challenges, grappling with self-esteem issues, or confronting complex relationships and trauma, my aim is to help you move away from protective behaviors that once provided safety but now hinder progress. 

Unilingual: English

Clinically trained to work with: Individuals

In training to work with: Couples

Picture of Daisy Pyman, a psychotherapist at the clinic in front of a white background

professional affiliations

College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

  • Registered Psychotherapist RP 

specialized clinical training

Institute for

Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy

  • Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy (SIRP)

International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Crisis Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI)

  • Trauma-Informed Care

University of Ottawa

  • Level A Certification in Interpersonal Psychotherapy Training (IPT)


University of Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario

  • Master of Education in Counselling and Psychotherapy

    • Individual Therapy

Trent University

Peterborough, Ontario

  • Master of Science in Psychology

Trent University

Peterborough, Ontario

  • Bachelor of Arts; Psychology (Honours)

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